Ezekiel Fair




Attribute Level
Vitality 1
Coordination 1
Wit 2
Intelligence 4
Will 4
Charm 3
Prowess 4


Skill Level
Thanatology 4
Parapsychology 3
Etiquette 4
Photography 2
Psychology 3
Concentration 2
Galvanics 3
Forensic Science 1
Medicine 3
Cryptography 1
History 1


Latent Psychic
Influential Circle
Spirit Guide
Primacy Of Will

Consumed (2)

Ward (2)
Plague Kissed (2)
Malignity (3)
Glass Jaw (2)
Amnesia (3)
Haemophilia (7)
Fastidious (1)

Credentials (2)
Upper Class (6)
Wealth (5)
Private Laboratory (3)
Second Sight 2 (6)
Creditor (1)


Ezekiel Fair was a wealth and well known medium, working with prominent members of society. All was going well until his brother fell ill. Many think he died, in truth he is hidden in Ezekiel’s home, being maintained by galvanic devices and aethertech. He has lost a large portion of his early memory which he assumes from his situation was used to keep him alive. He has now recoiled from the public eye in large, becoming more reclusive and focusing on keeping his brother alive. He continues to run his seances with his circle and became more scholarly in an attempt to help his brother. He partnered with a detective he has known for some time and worked with on solving some cases in order to get a feeling of keeping the feeling of accomplishing something.

Calling Cards (50) (2s)
hand mirror (10s)
silk handkerchief (1s)
Trousers (fashionable) (£1/5s)
Shirt (fashionable) (£1/5s)
gloves (dress) (5s)
gloves (Work) (5s)
boots (leather) (5d)
cravat (7d)
Shoes (10s)
Respirator (brass plaated) (£2)
Pipe (1s)
bandages (1 dozen) (1d)

Ezekiel Fair

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