Harry Holmes


2 (1–5)
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3 (1–5)
2 (1–5)
4 (2–10)
1 (1–3)

Madness Induction:
The ghost is able to trigger bouts of
madness in those nearby. When the ghost uses this power, any
character possessing Mental Disorders within 10 feet x the
spirit’s Will must make control checks for each Disorder. Once a
character has been affected by this power, whether he succeeded
or failed his control rolls, he cannot be affected by it again for
twenty-four hours.

The ghost has the power to make itself heard at will.
The spirit has a voice and can generate spectral sounds. A spirit
can choose to whom it makes itself audible: it can select individual
characters or make itself heard by whole groups. Characters
with Second Sight can hear the noises made by a spirit with this
Manifestation whether it is attempting to make itself audible to
those characters or not.
When a ghost attempts to manifest audibly, its ability to be
perceived is determined by its Will. If the spirit currently has
Will 4 or greater, the sounds it makes will be perceptible to all
characters within range of the voice as if it were spoken by a living
person. If the ghost’s Will is less than 3, characters without Second
Sight must make a Wit roll (DR 20) to hear the spirit. Add the
spirit’s Will to the roll. If the role fails, nothing happens. If the roll
succeeds, the character hears the spirit’s audible Manifestation.

Duty Bound:
Duty Bound ghosts are tied to earth by a task
left unfinished at the time of death. Spirits of this type may be
suspicious and impatient, and some may engage in dangerous
behaviour in an effort to draw attention to their desired goal.
However, none are interested in mayhem for its own sake.
Duty Bound ghosts will usually become communicative
and cooperative once they are convinced of an individual’s
willingness and ability to help them with their unfinished
task. It is possible to strike bargains with a Duty Bound spirit,
usually obtaining information in exchange for aid in resolving
the spirit’s task. These spirits are prone to becoming world-
weary and will go to rest of their own accord once their goals
have been accomplished.


A ghost who believed himself to be a great paranormal detective working in the shadows. In reality, he was mental and spent his time in an asylum reading detective novels.

Harry Holmes

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